Help Amy---Assist a Disabled Person

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Who is Amy and Why Does She Need Help?

Amy is a person who in her late 20's and early 30's whose arthritis got progressively worse each year.  It started as minor pain that could be covered with regular pain medications, but over time progressed into the need to take arthritis medication and pain pills.  She used to be go-getter type for income and worked really hard to even make over $20,000 a year income, but unfortunately working that hard wore her out.  Now she has extremely crippling arthritis that makes it hard to walk and her whole right side is severely disabled so that it is hard to type, stand for long periods, walk, and other activities that are considred routine for most days of her life.  The pain gets so bad sometimes it is difficult for her to sleep and makes it even more difficult for her to work at the limited time jobs she has...which are actually less than half of the income she made in those good years.

Besides the arthritis making her life difficult, she has glaucoma, the kind where pigment in the eyes is lost and eye drops must be used to lower the pressure and keep the pigment in her eyes.  She is lucky that she did not go blind, but must wear sunglasses in the daytime unless the sky is very cloudy as she cannot see very well and it is very painful to go without them.  (She also wears bifocals--which in her thirties is kind of on the young side to need them).

Also, she has nervous issues, being quite sensitive in her younger years the kids liked to pick on her and it gave her depression and anxiety.  Now, that she is quite disabled by her illnesses it isn't getting any better--not to mention the stomach disorder also caused by it.

The problem with all this is Amy needs financial assistance.   During 2000-2008 gas was too expensive so she ended up having to charge a lot of it plus medical expenses.  She is doing her best to pay it off, but with the disabilities she has it will be hard for her to get out of this debt.  Her goal is to raise some money to pay this off so it isn't necessary to have the best paying job just one that covers basic expenses and is more suitable for a disabled person.  She also would like to persue income from her writing, art, crafts, and music hobbies.  She is undergoing college classes as well in order to better her life and get into jobs that require such education.

Not being able to afford health insurance or many doctor's visits in a year is really hard on her health as well. In fact, she ends up doctoring herself for colds, flu, and other ailments people usually go to the doctor for.  This is really bad because it is hard to afford the specialist who takes care of her glaucoma problem.

She would really love for you to donate what you can to help her.  Even small amounts are welcome.  If you have Paypal, you can send her donations to help her out.  Her paypal address is:  You can also write to that address for other options of helping her out if you do not have Paypal or if you do not have the funds in Paypal/do not want to use it.

All types of donations appreciated!  I can post a link to your site in exchange for a donation or can do some work for a donation as well.  Suggested tasks Amy can do are:  Research internet for information, type up documents, make simple websites, photography, art, writing, videos, voice acting and musical help--whether vocals or sound samples.  If you have other items you think Amy can handle for your donation, go ahead and contact her at the above email address.


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Picture of Amy

Above is a picture of Amy without her glasses on.  There are more photos on the photo page that will show you she does wear glasses.  The above was taken aesthetic reasons--to show that Amy isn't so bad looking basically.  She really does need those bifocals because she can't drive without them and can't wear contacts because of her eye sensitivity from the glaucoma.

Donate Through Paypal

Below is a direct link to Paypal for immediate donation.  You can use this for a quick donation or if you rather, go directly to Paypal and type the email address.

Remember, in exchange for your donation, your website can be listed on one of the link pages, or Amy can perform a simple task to assist you.

Items for Sale

There is also an option to help Amy by purchasing something from this site.  Items will be posted at an as available pace.  I f you see something you like, you can buy it here directly though Paypal!


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